90-Sec Video to Help Make Lives #BetterForever

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Provide #RealHelp to #RealPeople with #RealNeeds

LIGHT - Solar Lamps - $10 each


EVERY $10 SOLAR LAMP GIFT CARD will replace the dangerous, unhealthy and unsafe candles and expensive kerosene lamps.  This high-quality 3-setting lamp provides 5-72 hrs of free daily light for a needy family that is 5x's brighter than a kerosene lamps.

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WATER - Clean Water Filter - $50 each


EVERY $50 CLEAN WATER GIFT CARD will provide a lifetime of clean water to families ($150 for 300+ school students).  Many children and adults in Africa are sick 30-50 days per year because they do not have access to clean water.  Clean water will help make them to live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

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FIRE - Hi-Tech Stove - $40 each


EVERY $40 HI-TECH COOKSTOVE GIFT CARD will reduce lung diseases because it produces 80% less smoke, requires 60% less wood or charcoal and cooks twice as fast.  Lung diseases from kerosene lamps and outdoor are the #1 cause of disease and death.

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ALL 3 - Family Care Kit - $100 each


EVERY $100 FAMILY CARE KIT GIFT CARD WITH ALL 3 PRODUCTS will provide the #SolarLamp, #CleanWaterFilter and #Hi-Tech Stove to a needy family.  This 3-part kit will truly make their lives #BetterForever and will help them live a healthier and more productive life.

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About Us

Our Founders - Brian & Mary Ellen Kluth - @TheCaringCouple


Brian Kluth is a bestselling generosity author, minister, inspirational speaker and TV-Radio media guest. Mary Ellen taught Special Ed for 35 years and now is on the adjunct faculty of CCU in Colorado.  Together, they volunteer their time to travel across America, Africa and around the world speaking and doing interviews to encourage people to live generously to help make needy lives #BetterForever.

Our #HealthyCharity Story


 Brian and Mary Ellen were both widowed in 2010 and married in 2013.  Since 2013, they have been traveling to Africa for the www.SandiHouse.org charity Brian started in memory of his late wife, Sandi.  Through their charity work with needy children and families, they discovered the world's TOP 3 charity products that can truly make needy people's lives #BetterForever.  In 2019, they started HealthyCharity.org to further expand the number of people they could reach and serve in needy places.  


#GiveHelpToday and Make Needy Lives #BetterForever

We pledge to use your generous donation(s) to deliver #RealHelp to #RealPeople with #RealNeeds.

Current $5,000 Matching grant will double the impact of every new gift (Every $1 becomes $2)