You're Invited to Our #NoGalaGala Online Fundraiser

WELCOME to our #NoGalaGala webpage. We are excited to invite you to watch our short video and to join our Gala Friends Circle from the comfort of your own home! Instead of having to spend time and money getting dressed up, purchasing tickets, bidding at the silent auction or buying a table for friends, more of your generous support can be used to save lives and make the lives of needy people in Africa #BetterForever!  You can also see us on TV!  Brian & Mary Ellen Kluth

NoGalaGala Invitation


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We invite you to our #NoGalaGala and #FavPicChallenge!  Gifts of every and any size will help make needy lives #BetterForever.


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We invite you to add up what going to an expesnsive gala event would have cost!  Then decide how much you would like to help.

THANK YOU GIFTS for Your Life-Saving Donation


Because of your generosity for this cause, you will receive FREE online THANK YOU GIFTS of Brian's bestselling materials as our way of saying thank you for your generous support. You can use these personally, share them with others and/or gift them to your church or pastor (where applicable).

Click to preview some of the digital & online materials you'll receive. We'll send you an email with the link to these free online resources within 24-72 hrs or you can email us at to request the link

THANK YOU for participating in our #NoGalaGala!

Donate Today to help make needy lives #BetterForever!

Thank you for your sharing and caring!  We appreciate you.  If you'd like, you can make your Gala Friend's gift in honor or memory of loved ones.

Blessings, Brian & Mary Ellen 

#FavPicChallenge on Facebook or Social Media

You Can Help Raise Awareness and Funds for this Cause

We have made it easy for you to invite others to participate in the #NoGaglaGala and #FavPicChallenge.

Over the years, we all  have developed circles of friends (from our workplaces, neighborhoods, groups, schools, churches, teams and other places). 

You can now invite these circles of people you know to an #OnlineTableofFriends you can create with a social medial.  It's really easy to post on Facebook or a social media account in 3 easy steps.

  1. Post one of your personal favorite pictures (personal, couple, family or friends).  If you'd like, you can also CLICK HERE to download and add this #NoGalaGala & #FavPicChallenge photo. 
  2. Post the picture on your facebook or other social media accounts AND write your post. Sample wording for your post:  You are invited to be part of my #OnlineTableofFriends from [say where you know them from] participating in the #NoGalaGala and #FavPicChallenge. Just go to and watch the 2-minute video, make any size donation and then hit the LIKE icon OR add one of your favorite photos to this post  (personal, couple, family or friends). Others who see this post can also participate (or feel free to share this post with others from our days at Bay View).  
  3. Select and insert names of people to add to the post.

Thank you!  That's all you need to do to help spread the word and make needy lives #BetterForever!  Any questions?  Contact Brian Kluth at